similariti store


Voukourestiou 41 & Tsakalof
Kolonaki 10673,
Athens, Greece
Phone Orders: 2110014315

Similariti merges the physical and digital worlds. Our AI discovers emerging designers, products and fashion trends from millions of digital sources. Our people travel to every corner of the globe to meet the designers, talk to them and feel and curate their creations.

For each designer we bring on board, we create a dedicated digital space where you can explore the designer’s collections and the products you can buy.

Our physical space gives customers an experience they can’t get online. The store features a constantly evolving collection of trending products that you can feel, try, buy and return. A large collection on-line and a smaller collection in-store, combined to create a unique customer experience.

Finally, on top of the digital-to-physical mix sits our highly personalized A.I. technology, which learns from your preferences and recommends you garments that suit your style, while leaving room for serendipity.