Similariti is a technology company. Our computer science background is in machine learning algorithms for natural language and image processing. Let’s take a look at the cutting-edge technology that we ‘ve developed to power our application.


Similariti is powered by a search engine that analyzes millions of online sources from around the world in order to discover and bring you the best emerging fashion brands and style trends.


We have developed AI that learns a customer’s style from the clothes they search for, watch and like on their personalized feed, or try on and buy in-store.

Deep Learning for Image

Our deep learning model analyzes the products and maps them on a graph according to the features it has identified: category, style, colors, patterns, materials. Similariti’s recommendations are based on our fashion graph where the connections represent the similarities between the products.

Visual Search

We have developed a powerful visual search engine. The customer takes a photo and the application finds clothes that are visually and stylistically similar to the photo.

Text Search

Our text search is based on our fashion taxonomy that includes the categories and attributes of garments that semantically enrich and disambiguate the customer’s query.